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Who we are

Our website address is: https://thebakerchoice.com/

Welcome to “The Baker Choice by Masa Enterprices” Privacy Policy. This privacy policy describes how “The Baker Choice by Masa Enterprices ” and associated third parties (Advertising agency, Marketing Agency, and other partner agencies) collect data and information about the visitor. The nature and type of data we collect are contact details, device information etc.

We use user’s data to monitor our services so that we can offer more personalized services, and respond to queries fairly. We may send marketing materials to our subscribers from time to time, related to other services in which our users might be interested in. You can cancel out these marketing materials at any time. We do not sell the user’s personal information and data to any third party. We may send push notification on the device regarding our services which you can opt. Out.

Users have the right to choose how we use personal information in respect to delete, update or copy data. There are two major key rights to the user while you are using our services

You can request us to stop using your information and data for direct marketing purposes. If you opt. for this service then we will stop using your personal information and data for this particular purpose.
You have the right to request valid objection regarding the use and process of your personal information. You can raise valid objections on the basis of our or another person’s legitimate interest.
If you have any questions or queries regarding this privacy policy then contact to our Data Protection Officer at [email protected] 

Our Principles

We try everything we can to protect your privacy rights on our website. However, we are not liable to any kind of disclosure of your personal and confidential information by third parties which are not controlled by us, for example, advertisers and links of other sites on our website. Please take note that the Privacy Policies of third parties, advertisers, sponsors, and other sites to which we provide links on our site may not be similar to ours.

Profiling Data

When you subscribe or avail our services, you provide your personal identity information such as age, gender, etc.; financial information such as banking details, information related your income and lifestyle (if requested and provided); contact details such as Address, Postal Address, fax, telephone and mobile numbers (if requested and provided); Account and Payment information such as Payment History, Account history including billing information and communications (if requested and provided). We collect, store and maintain this information in encrypted code on the secure servers of “ The Baker Choice by Masa Enterprices”

We collect information and data from Google Analytics to track down traffic on our site by Google Analytics tracking code. With the help of Google Analytics tracking code, we can implement display advertising with other features of Google like Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting. We also collect data from Google’s interest-based advertising such as gender, age, etc.

Service Usage: We collect data from your navigation patterns using our services such as website URLs you visit and download.

Log information: We collect log information and data such as browser language, date, your web request, IP address, browser type and time of the request.

Transactions: Transaction information (excluding banking details) about e-commerce activities if requested and provided.

User IDs: Your usernames, passwords, email addresses, nicknames, and other security-related information used by you in relation to our Services.

We only collect user’s personal information and data for the smooth running of our business, to improve and enhance our services

We only use your information and data according to our privacy policy, if you wish to use otherwise we will ask for your consent. However, you decide not to share your personal information with us, and then we won’t be able to provide our services to you.

Be careful while sharing your information in public environments as these environments are occupied by a large number of third parties and they may collect your personal information or data for their personal use. Unless stated, the information shared to us publically also shared with associates, sponsors, partners, etc.

Disclose your personal information in the public environment at your own risk. We are not liable to any damage you or the third party suffered because of the public disclosure of personal information.

Right to Collect Data

Profile and Account Data
Once you agreed and accept our terms and conditions, we hold the right to collect information as long as you are using our services. Usage of your personal information and data is subject to the limitation set in our privacy policy. We collect data (Profile and account information) from users to know identity details and contact details. We also collect banking information, and account history if requested and provided, in order to maintain a relationship with the users and to provide better services. We follow non-disclosure policy in this regard and we may share this information in a certain condition (Mentioned in, Special Cases section below.)

We use some of the user’s information in aggregated form to put together geographical and statistical profiles for our business and marketing services. Provided that the nature of the data is aggregated therefore the information can’t be disclosed or interpreted to identify a certain individual.

Personal Identities and Correspondence Information
We collect and store this data and information to administer our relationship with the user, and to determine and verify the payable service charges at the user’s end, and for regulatory and statutory needs.

We may use information in aggregate Form for our marketing services as well as to provide our users with a better experience. We have the right to use users information in any form (without limitation) for our internal business and other legitimate purposes including selling information commercially to third parties.

We only disclose the non-aggregated information that can’t be used to identify a certain individual. We also collect data to monitor users’ activities and the use of the services according to our guidelines. We may share stored and collected information in a certain condition (Mentioned in, Special Cases section below.)

Our sites use “Cookies” so that we are able to enhance the user experience and provide a more customized environment on our website. Cookies collect data such as user preference and behavior to provide users more interactive and responsive environment. You can choose whether you want to allow cookies or not. If allowed to use cookies by the user, we are entitled to use personal information collected by cookies.

The Baker Choice by Masa Enterprices services use “Facebook Audience” to enhance the user experience so that they can fully enjoy our services. We collect and store user’s data to foster a better relationship with the user, and to determine and verify the payable service charges at the user’s end, and for regulatory and statutory needs. “Chess” game developed by The Baker Choice by Masa Enterprices uses Facebook Audience to provide the complete game services.
You are entitled to change or update information about you anytime. In order to enhance the personalized experience, we may share or exchange information in a secure environment with our associates (these associated can be holding company or a subsidiary, an association which controls or is controlled by us, is control with us or a subsidiary of our holding)

International Data Transfers

We have users from all around the globe and because of the global nature of our services; the data transmission can end up in any part of any country. Some countries may have different data protection laws than the country you reside in; we take proper measures to secure your data as described and motioned in this privacy policy. We use the security mechanism approved by the EU Commission and the Privacy shield Certification when it comes to the USA.

Special Cases/Exceptions

We are bound to disclose, intercept, store and/or monitor personal information if required by law, to secure our systems, to conduct our business or implement our own rules, we will abide those under the legislation.

We will disclose, monitor, store and intercept your personal information without your knowledge. In the process of disclosing, monitoring, storing and intercepting, we are not responsible for any loss or damage.

We monitor user activities and information in order to ensure that the user is following the end-user agreement. We monitor user activities only to the extent so that we can determine the compliance of the user or identify the instances of the user.

In order to identify the security and integrity of our services are well guarded, we may monitor user activities. This process will include the filtering of messaging (incoming/outgoing) in order to identify defamatory, obscene or otherwise undesirable material or content, limit and/or prevent the transmission of spam, viruses and/or unlawful.

If the situation demands, we may acquire some of the features of a third party service provider for the sole purpose of providing a better experience of our services means we may allow third parties to offer advertisements whenever you visit our site. According to the end user agreement (if accepted) in order to secure the services from third parties, we can disclose any of your personal information. The third party agencies may use your personal information (name, email address, address, or telephone number are not included) whenever you visit our website or other websites to provide advertisements of your liking. Visit http://www.networkadvertising.org/choices to know how to opt. out these services or how to get better advertisements from these third parties.

Type of Data We use with the Consent

In order to send you promotional offers and services, we ask for your email address to offer you promotional and marketing services that might interest you. If provided and accepted and also given your consent, we can store and collect and use your email address. However, you can withdraw your consent and opt out the promotional and marketing emails from our end by using the “unsubscribe” button.

When you use and access our services, with your consent advertising agencies that are associated with us also collect user data in order to provide you an advertisement of your preference. If you wish to withdraw from these services you can opt out anytime by disabling in the privacy settings of the app. However, once you opt out you will not be entitled to the tailored advertising services. You can do the same for our website if you wish to opt out targeted advertisements through privacy settings.

When they use our services we collect anonymous data from visitors and users to compile aggregate statistics or for internal business reports. Anonymous data that we collect from users cannot be used to identify certain individuals.

We may send you emails regarding our marketing communication respecting our services that might suit your interests if the consent is given from your end. These marketing communication messages will ever be in respect to other similar named services of The Baker Choice by Masa Enterprices .Third parties can not send you marketing messages via email or via notification without your consent and as we do not disclose your data to third parties you won’t receive such messages from third parties unless you give your consent. For more information regarding third party advertising activities check the section below.

Users have the right to withdraw the consent from receiving any direct marketing communication messages from us (or third parties you gave your consent to) by unsubscribing our email services or in relation to push notification, you can choose not to accept them byturning them off in the settings menu on your device.

Data Security

We practice appropriate electrical, physical and security measures to create a defense mechanism against data misuse, loss, and alteration and to stop unauthorized access. We take proper measures to maintain data security so that the data we collect, store and use serve the purpose it was collected for.

We practice modern defense mechanisms like firewalls, secured rooms, encryption, password protection, etc. so that the information and data that we have collected from you stay secure and safe. We take proper measures so that without our authorization can gain access to your confidential information for example. We encrypt every email and password we get from users which basically impossible to decrypt and discover confidential information without our authorization. We also limit data access among our employees as well. We provide the information and access they need in order to supply you our services. We review our security measures on a regular basis and always adopt and update new security measures to ensure the protection of the data.

We do our best to secure the data and information we hold but the data transmission over the internet is not secure and we cannot assure you the data security during the data and information from the user to us. We do not hold responsibility during the data transmission however, once we receive the data we will use all the security measures for the safeguard and security of the data.

Data Security

We store data and information and keep it till it serves its purpose which means we only keep data for a reasonable time period which helps us in providing uninterrupted services to the users. We keep certain information on “The Baker Choice by Masa Enterprices” systems if you chose to delete your account with us. We retain this data on our systems to defend, for administrative purposes or bring any legal action.

Data Updating/Deletion

If you choose not to allow us to use your data then email us. Once it’s done you may not be able to enter in any in-game competitions or make any in-game purchases. You can always ask us to update, amend or modify your data which is outdated or incorrect. You can also ask us to change the way we use your data and information.

Users hold the right to request us to delete any personal information that we hold. Moreover, we will also consider your requests to stop using data about you, we welcome any valid objection. In some cases we cannot stop using your information but if you wish to know why we will tell you.

You can always unsubscribe our newsletters and promotional messages by clicking the unsubscribe button at the end of the email. For push notification go to your device settings or browser (depends where you are using our services) settings to disable it.

You can always view, change and edit your profile (If have an existing account with us). If you wish to get in touch with us for the above-mentioned right, email us at [email protected]

Data Copy

You have the right to request a copy of your personal information and data we hold about you. Contact us at [email protected]


If you are unhappy with the customer support and the way “The Baker Choice by Masa Enterprices” handle your queries then email us at [email protected] We will definitely try to make it better. If not satisfied you can contact your local data protection regulator, for example, Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) in Switzerland.